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Issues Concerning the Decline of Wild Turkeys - Dr. Jim Miller

I am not sure just who will see this, however, after reading the newsletter I was reminded of the paper written from which my presentation at the Plenary Session of the 11th National Wild Turkey Symposium was made in 2015. I addressed many of the concerns I saw listed in the "If Not You--Who?? article, and even later at the request of two Retired State Wildlife Agency Directors provided them with a more specific list of reasons why the wild turkey population has declined and why it is unlikely to ever get back to that peak level again in most states. I am attaching the paper for your review and response with consideration that I think you will find they address every issue identified. I think if the attached paper is examined, you will see that I previously tried to share these concerns with the professional wildlife community several years back. Best wishes and I look forward to hearing from someone after they have reviewed them. I will also send separately a copy of a response I provided to former Director Corky Pugh from Alabama when he asked me my opinion on the decline in turkey populations across much of the nation.




James E. "Jim" Miller

Professor Emeritus

Dept. Wildlife, Fisheries & Aquaculture

Mississippi State University

PHOTO CREDIT: Tess Randle Jolly

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