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The officers and board of directors of Turkeys For Tomorrow (TFT) will work diligently with cooperating state wildlife agencies, university professors and students, wildlife professionals and hunters to identify the most pressing issues facing wild turkey populations while working to preserve time honored turkey hunting traditions. TFT will rely on the aforementioned partners for input to determine where funding is most needed. Once a project is chosen and the funding amount determined TFT, will apply those funds to that project during the year in which the project is started and each subsequent year thereafter as needed when funds become available as determined by the TFT board. The chosen agency or agencies can only spend TFT funds on that project. Agencies receiving TFT funds will be required to apply for 3-1 matching Pittman/Robertson federal funds and report results to the TFT board of directors. Agencies receiving TFT funds will be required to provide a written, itemized account of how and where the funds were spent and report progress of the project to the TFT board of directors so we can issue progress reports to our contributors.



Co-Chairman of the Board

Jim Ronquest lives in east central Arkansas and has been hunting turkeys for 43 years. He appeared in several Primos Truth Series videos and is co-host and producer of the popular RNTV television show on Sportsman Channel. In 2006, he won the prestigious World Duck Calling Championship in Stuttgart, AR. Although Jimbo comes from the duck hunting world, his other passion is spring turkey hunting. Thankfully, he does not have to choose between the two.


Co-Chairman of the Board

Ron Jolly lives in east-central Alabama and has hunted turkeys for six decades. He is an award winning author, video and television producer and a member of the National Wild Turkey Federation's Grand National Hall of Fame.


TFT President

David Cardin has hunted turkeys for 45 years and resides in south-central Arkansas. He made regular appearances on Primos Truth Series videos for more than 20 years. Cardin’s unique hunting and calling style and woods savvy established him as one of the most popular members of the Primos Video Crew.

mark yarborough

TFT Secretary/Treasurer

Mark Yarborough has been hunting turkeys 38 years and lives in north Mississippi. He has 30 years experience as a wildlife manager and ecosystem restoration expert. His passion is providing habitat that benefits all wildlife.


Board Member

Kevin Matthews lives in south Alabama and has 29 years of turkey hunting experience. Matthews has appeared on numerous television shows and hunting DVDs produced by Mossy Oak and Primos. He works with Primos to develop mouth diaphragm calls and is credited with designing the Primos Signature Series, the Hook Hunter Series, and the Hacked Off Series of calls and most recently the Mossy Oak Mouth Call Series. He has hunted and worked with world champion callers Bob Walker, Preston Pittman and Larry Norton to name a few.


Board Member

Jill Easton lives in North Arkansas and has been hunting turkeys for 36 years. She is an award-winning writer, photographer and Past President and Chairman of the Board of the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association who contributes to numerous outdoor magazines and websites. She is also an upland predator trapper who focuses upon and writes about managing turkey predators, She was named the Arkansas Trappers Association's Trapper of the Year in 2008. During the summer she fishes for catfish and scouts turkeys on nearby Lake Norfork.


Board Member

Coates Head lives in northeast Louisiana and has hunted turkeys 42 years. A farmer by trade, Head appeared on Truth Series videos and television over a 20 year period. He manages several large tracts of land for deer, waterfowl and turkeys.

mike knoedl

Board Member

Mike Knoedl lives in south-central Arkansas and has hunted turkeys for 46 years. He began his career with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission as a game warden and was on patrol for 22 years. He was the first game warden to rise to the position of Director of that agency. His passion is preserving the time honored traditions of turkey hunting for generations to come.


Board Member

Jim Spencer has been hunting turkeys for 43 years and lives in north central Arkansas. He is the author of Turkey Hunter’s Digest, Bad Birds and the recently released Bad Birds 2. He pens the Bad Birds feature in Turkey and Turkey Hunting Magazine and has published more than 1,000 turkey hunting articles.